I don’t miss you anymore!

friends and family. I do not receive yours!

I enjoy my special day with a bunch of dear friends, while you again are not there!

I make a few wishes before I blow out my candles, but I find out that you are not there in my wishes this year!

I actually am not celebrating the mere fact that one year is added to my biological age, but rather celebrating my strength throughout this whole time. I have turned stronger not to wait for my birthday wishes from you as I knew in advance your excuse would be the usual: “Sorry, I was busy!”

This year, I am not disappointed at you; not even upset. I decide not to ask you why you did not call, show up or at least send. This year I decide not to spoil my happiness thinking about you. I feel tired of running after you afraid of missing you but now the race is over.You push me to a state of indifference about you.  I got used to your absence, or may be find it more “lively” than your presence.

Your absence makes me appreciate what wonderful hearts i am surrounded by. Those are ones who would do anything to see me happy. Your unavailability makes me learn that true feelings should be only given freely, not asked for. Your absence gives me new eyes to see the other options life has offered me, away from you. This year i realize how lucky I am, without you.


6 thoughts on “I don’t miss you anymore!

  1. Hyat, I enjoyed reading this–especially the following:

    “Your unavailability makes me learn that true feelings should be only given freely, not asked for.”

    It is a hard lesson to learn.
    I know.



  2. You have just expressed my view on my relationship with some of my family.In that respect I have learnt that family take you for granted because they assume you’ll always be there. So I cut ties with some because some relationships can be manipulative.Kudos!

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