A man called “If”

Behind the Saudi Veil

The alarm clock goes off, it’s 5:30 am. There is hardly enough time for “If” to get up, take a quick shower, get dressed, grab a coffee on his way work before 7:00 am. At work, time goes by between arranging files, replying to emails, receiving clients and chatting with work colleagues.

“I hate this job” If would say to himself every evening while he’s going back home at 5:00 pm. “I should work harder to actualize my dream” he would think, even though he never made a real effort to change his career. When he gets home, he would have a few hours to sit with his friends, or may be watch a movie before he goes to bed. He has always wanted to finish reading (The Davinci Code) and go to the gym to build up some muscles, but he just feels too tired after his long day…

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