That pimple on your forehead is just…beautiful!

She straightened her hair, put on an eyeliner, re-glossed her lips, then took one last look in the mirror before she turns to her older sister beside her, and reluctantly asks:” do you think I look pretty mmm (pause) , in his eyes I mean?”
“Of course you are fabulous inside out” exclaimed her sister who has been standing there for a while, watching the make-up rituals.
“We should’ve told her” thought the older sister “we should’ve told her before that what a beautiful woman she is.”

When upbringing kids, most parents forget to compliment their girls on their gorgeous eyes, long hair, or their womanly figure. They assume that the girls already know that. They however stress that their daughters explicitly know how intelligent, organized and cooperative in house chores they are. Girls grow up having everything about them complimented, except their true femininity. When getting into a serious relationship later with a man, she looks for assurance from him on her looks. When that does not happen, she starts to think that she is only a plain and ordinary looking woman. She may even doubt that she is ugly, and wonder why did her man choose her. In the worst scenario, she may verbalize such thoughts to her man only to let him look down on her.

Beauty is not necessarily a synonym for “perfection”, it only means you are confident enough to carry your flaws and beauty both equally with pride. The feeling of beauty is contagious; which means if you still feel good-looking despite those dark circles around your eyes, your chubby stomach, or your round face, then “he” will find those as attractive too.

“Women are their own worst beauty critics. In fact, only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful.” Stated Dove beauty campaign. Do not wait for someone to flatter your looks, just start feeling it and you’ll be among those 4% beauties.


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