“I” could be you, who knows!

Hayat MAskeen
People usually tend to judge a person based on what they read in his twitter, Facebook or instagram.They think they can see through him deeply. Well, the situation can get worse if the victim happened to be a writer.

When a writer “specially in Saudi” writes any article, some smarty-heads-kinda-readers would put the words under the microscope. The writer as a person is then evaluated as “depressed” or “desperate” or even “in love”. They can even get nosier to guess who he/she is in love with!

Even though there can be a personality aspect of the author reflected in the text, it should always be remembered that a writer lives a thousand lives. This means, a writer can write about his friend who is breaking up with their partner, or about the suffering of a child who has lost his father, or a student who has failed, without being any of the three.

A real writer does not have to go through the experience in person to feel it. He can use “I” to convince you of the intensity of his feelings, while owing the whole experience to a complete stranger or even a non-existent being. Sometimes, a writer would visualize future events he aspires to happen and live them in advance; in his own world.

A single text can have a hundred meanings, each depends on the reader’s mind. “A man eating on his own”, for example, can indicate either loneliness, independence, shyness or unfriendliness. It all depends on the reader’s vision. An article can actually reveal more about the reader’s character than the author’s.

So, next time when you read an article, remember to think then count to 10 before you place your feedback.


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