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Happily “apart” ever after!

His phone bleeps announcing a new “what’sApp” message, the bleep goes on before he picks up his phone from his desk to check what he already knows are “her” messages. That’s usually her time of the day to text him. He smiles as he reads her messages. He glances at her status to read that her birthday is tomorrow. He has never cared about such stuff, though he knows how much she likes them: “They are chances to reflect on our lives, celebrate and be happy” she would always say. He stops that stream of thoughts, puts his phone down and resumes his work without bothering to text her back.

Five days pass with no messages. He is not a bit worried; he knows that she will always come back to him. He deep down knows her love for him makes her vulnerable.

He is right. She texts the following day, but this time it is different: “I can’t stand it any longer” she says; “I feel frustrated at our communication and it’s killing me. We are either together or not together, there’s no middle situation.” He reads her message twice before he does what he would usually do; nothing!

“It must be her time of the month” he thought; “I’m sure she’ll text me tomorrow. I’m not ready to open up to her now and risk being hurt again after my old experience. Plus I don’t know how I’m feeling about her exactly. I can’t categorize right now who she is to me. She should be more patient. It’ll pass…i’m certain of that!”

A whole month passes. He gives up on her texting first, so he sends a message of two words: “Happy Eid”

She would prefer he did not send anything at all rather than having sent a brief and soulless message like that. Though she hated the once-in-a-while-appearance-game he would play, she had genuine feelings for him. She could never categorize  what kind of feelings those were; attachment, need, want, lust, hate or love!

“No that can’t be love! He doesn’t seem to appreciate me the way I deserve.” she thought to herself, “He doesn’t even bother to do the basics to make me feel happy though he knows how to; why would I fall for someone like that!”
She thought for long before she pushes the “block” button in her phone. As soon as she did that, a nostalgic war inside her started. Part of her was missing him; his words, his accent, the songs they listened to together, while the other part kept reminding her of the times when he broke his promises, ignored her messages and took her for granted. She burnt through that fire for long before the logical part finally won. The first thing she did was to unblock him. He should see how happy she is without him. He is now, no more than a name in her contacts’ list.

Not long after that, she met her real soul mate and knew why it never worked out with anyone else.


3 thoughts on “Happily “apart” ever after!

  1. Hello, thanks a lot for reading through my posts and liking them. As for this one it’s based on a real story between two people I used to know. By the time I wrote that, she was not any longer with him. She sent this very article to him though. It was kinda fun actually! Lol

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