It’s December again!

A new year approaches, she thinks it’s going to be different.  First of all, she makes sure to read her detailed horoscope prediction for the year to come so she can feel optimistic. After that, she writes down a few resolutions, most of which would be similar to the ones she had last years, if not exactly the same ones. “No, this year is different” she would tell herself every December.

In the beginning of each year, she makes promises to spend more quality time with the family, be a better mom, eat clean, lose weight, read more. However, all those vows would evaporate in no more than one month max after the starting date. She would then think that she is trapped inside her old self and therefore wait for a more suitable time when she gets in the mood for that. “One day” she would say to herself as she grabs her 3rd donut and chats with some friends on Skype.


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