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Elderly at 30s!

She is a brilliant beautiful woman, with a good bunch of friends, nice family and a great job which she is passionate about. It has always been in her bucket list to travel the world and get to know new cultures. She wishes to pursue her education and is planning to learn new languages and enroll in cooking and fashion classes. Everything about her life seems perfectly happy, however, there was only one problem; there was no much time left for her to do all what she wishes for. She’s turning 33 soon. According to her society, a woman at this age should have been married with a bunch of kids, no matter what gaps were there between the two partners. If she is single at that age, she should only think about the best ways to tie the knot quickly, regardless of who she ties that knot with.

“What about love?” a voice from within pops-up

Marriage is a contract, in which each party signs on his/her duties and responsibilities. Each should know their job description well and carry it out. Love is not included in that agreement as it can never be promised to happen. However, you are guranteed to be fed, put under a roof over your head, provided for and taken care of.  You will live like spoiled kittens, isn’t that great!


One thought on “Elderly at 30s!

  1. I’m not sure how to read this story. In my society, it’s almost satire: looked after but not loved. Sounds like prison…sad. Unrealized talents in a woman…unless she’s always wanted children and is naturally mother oriented. I actually think a lot of women reach a breaking point in their lives when they have children…especially if they are university educated.


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