My lips can’t grow naturally!

Do you know how it feels when your friend sends you a picture of someone who looks pale, chubby and short saying he/she looks like you?

Do you know how it feels when you look in the mirror and all you see is wrinkles, acne scars, small eyes and a big meaty nose? Not to mention that visible-to-the-eye-cellulite?

Do you know how it feels when someone mistakes you to be in your late thirties while you’re not yet in your mid twenties?

Well, she does.

She has lived all her life knowing deep within that she is neither ugly nor pretty. She is just that ordinary-looking girl that you see everywhere then instantly forget about. She is petite, and her figure was rather flat; it is not anything curvy as that of her sister’s. She has always wanted to have bigger cheeks and fuller lips, but did not have enough courage to actualize that wish.

People would always tell her to be satisfied with what she has. They would remind her that beauty is skin deep. They would try to convince her that if someone loves her, he should love her for who she is, not for how she looks. That’s what she tried to believe at first. However, everywhere she goes, there’s always that critical eye that haunts her, that internal voice that scans every minute detail about her. She thought about plastic surgery but none of her friends and family supported her decision. “Not every woman is supposed to look like a model. You can be attractive through your character. That’s how a woman can live happily ever after.”

“If you can’t accept it, then just change it” she thought in her way to her first Botox injections, smilingly repeating”I can and I will”.


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