Kill that small racist inside you!

“Where are you from?” Asked a seemingly nice couple seated behind me in a bus heading to George Washington’s house
“I’m from Saudi Arabia” I answered with a smile
“That’s where the horror comes from” the man replied as his wife was trying to hush him.

I said nothing back but I blamed it on the media.

Before I go to US, many people warned me of approaching black people. They told me they are dangerous. They would kill, steal, break the rules and get you in troubles. They even told me that black people hate Muslims the most. At the beginning, I would get scared every time I see a black person walking by my side. However, later when I needed directions to go to my school, nobody helped me except that black delivery old man who stopped his work and walked me to my school by himself. In New York, it was that black young man who helped me with my luggage while no one would bother to do so there.

I blamed my blind racism on the media, again.

If we are too lazy to read, too blind to see, too deaf to hear, we cannot be too heartless to feel. The world needs more acceptance of differences. Start by yourself.


3 thoughts on “Kill that small racist inside you!

  1. Media doesn’t fouce in the good side of any people. There are millions of such great things done by blacks, Muslims, Christian, Jewish and all others. But sadly media only shows the bad things and give follow it by whatever sets.


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