Happiness looks different over here!

I took a photo of myself while I was next to you once upon a time. I knew back then It would be a memory one day. When I look at that photo right now, I can see how unhappy I was. All what I can see is a faked smile. It was an attempt to convince my heart that this was how happiness should look like; this was how love should feel like. I couldn’t look like it. Neither could I feel like it.

You called me a witch because I could turn everything I touch into life. You loved yourself through me. I made you happy; too happy that you forgot to share your happiness with me. The happiness which I made.

Shall I tell you a little secret?

I never loved you. It took me only one small ice cream container to get over you. You were too worthless that I would ruin my diet over you. It was easier than what I thought it would be. If I loved you, I would still be thinking about you. I would still miss myself through you. I do not. Though I sometimes miss you, I deep down feel grateful to have freed myself of your absent presence.


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