Why I don’t wear make-up like you do!

“Why don’t you wear make up?”, a girl asked me once,
“But I do wear make-up” I replied with a smile.
“No, I mean wear make-up like us. Where there are visible colors in your face for people to look at”
“But why would anyone want to look at colors on my face rather than my natural features? What’s the beauty of it?”
“It shows that you are a female”
“With all the compliments on my looks which I receive from men everywhere, I don’t think they mistake me to be a man. Plus I look pretty the way I am”

I could sense that my words made her give up. So she smiled and left right away.

I could never forget this conversation for one main reason; beauty is received differently by men than by women. Women think that the more make-up they wear, the more appealing they will look in the eyes of men. They would narrow beauty to be in those flashy red lips that scream pathetically :”love me”, or in those smokey black eye shadows that almost reach to their ears. If you are seeking attention from men, such show of colors “might” work, but only if you are looking for a male. It will never work if you are after a real man. If you are aiming for attention from women, be different from the crowd. That’s how you stand out. If you do not care about attention whatsoever, then just be the best version of yourself and never care about the world. Sarcastically though, it is the ones who never seek attention who end up getting all the public eyes on them.


5 thoughts on “Why I don’t wear make-up like you do!

  1. In the blog photos, I don’t wear…any makeup. In fact, I might be sweating in some photos. Oh well.

    My partner is allergic to perfume and natural floral scents. He gets a booming headache near women with makeup, in dept. store with perfumes, cosmetics and in garden conservatories.

    So he loves me without ….makeup. Seriously. This is feminism at its best: no pretenses.

    That’s true: a lot of men prefer women didn’t wear makeup or little of it. Seriously one doesn’t want to kiss that stuff..

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