Nobody is a Superman!

“You know, I’m thinking about committing suicude.” He concluded his long depressing talk.

I paused. I never heard such clear statement of the intention to commit suicide before. So, I did not know the right thing to say.

I believe that during our darkest times, we all go through such moments of despair. At least once in our life time, we would secretly wish we could take our own lives. Only secretly.

Instead, we choose to put on a happy mask everyday and pretend that we are unbreakable, unstoppable and undefeatable. We pretend that we lead perfect life where there is no place for fears, doubts, hatred, or hypocrisy. We deal with such feelings as “negative” and would go out lecture our friends and family on how to be happy all the time.
How could others feel better about their rainy days if all what they see in others is their “fake” sunny days?

Successful people are not those who easily find their way in life. But rather those who get knocked down and crashed yet find a way to get up again. They are never ashamed of displaying their bruises in public.

The number of suicide victims in Saudi Arabia is on the rise especially among youth. It is time to stop questioning their religious faith or blaming it on their psychological disorders. Many people commit suicide after they suffer in silence; after they compare their lives with those of others. How far can you go to save someone’s life? Will you dare to show off your “humane” aspect to the world? Your answer will make all the difference.


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