Look Me in the Eye

These days, most of us run a time marathon. In the morning, we rush to the office or school, then we hurry to the gym or to spend some quick time with friends. At the end of the evening we haste home hoping to get as much sleep as possible. As a result, our communication with others has become rather “on the go”.

I was ashamed of myself a few days ago when I was caught off guard. For the first time in four years I discovered that my colleague who i have been working with for long has green eyes. I never bothered to look at his eyes before. Honestly.

We are all busy texting and emailing these days. Therefore, the last thing we think of doing is looking someone in the eye. If you are reading this article, then you are no exception. Let’s take a moment to think what could happen to the world if people started to look eachother in the eye more?
Only a few amazing things:

1- People would easily know where to place their trust. By a single deep look, you can sense when someone is being honest and when they are lying. This by itself is going to save us a lot of unnecessary shocks in the long run.

2 – A smile is never genuine without the eyes smiling too. You will get to know when people think you are really funny, or when they have to fake laughter at your lame jokes!

3- People will fall in love more. The eyes are capable of speaking volumes. They will convey straight words which the tongue can never dare uttering.

Therefore, and until you meet that “seemingly” great friend from twitter or instagram in person and look him/her in the eye, do not build castles in the air. Your “great” virtual hero could end up to be a robot or a ghost, who knows!


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