10 Facts you don’t know about “Khalijis”!

My friend (Emma) is married to a man from Emirates, so she has been living between Washington DC and Dubai for over 10 years. Being a journalist, she is fortunate to have lived at least for 6 months in every country of GCC.

“You may see their comments in Social media websites, and think how crystal clear they are. But once you get to be closer, you will know how difficult it can be to really understand “Khalijis.”” Said Emma once.

Here are 10 facts about Khalijis “according to Emma” which most people do not know:

1- In social media, they look like fierce enemies. They make fun of each other’s differences “religious, social, cultural” and each group tries to prove that the right is at their side. From a distance, you think they hate each other to death. They don’t! This is how they tease each other. Once things get serious and an emergency situation breaks out, no outsiders are welcome to interfere or even help. They will be there for one another, only to continue their fights after the situation is over.

2- They are never on time. They believe, if you are not punctual that shows how busy and full your life is, even if it is not!

3- GCC girls always wear heels in airports even for long flights.

4- They master last-minute projects. It is hard to believe how they pass at schools or execute projects at work, but they magically find a way.

5- Their guys are over-confident about their looks, and their girls are under-confident about their weight. Thus most girls there would always follow a strict diet so they can lose weight, yet they never seem to lose any!

6- They are very private. When a girl gets engaged or gets pregnant, she would only announce after everything is fully confirmed.

7- They are not morning people.

8- They behave more politely when mingling with strangers in other countries. Before she agrees to “his” proposal, a girl should meet her Khaliji man in his own country. That’s who he really is and who he will continue to be for the rest of their life.

9- They all have no time neither to read, nor to exercise, nor even to think about their future. Though they would spend hours on their iPads and phones, listening to music and chattering with friends.

10- They know about others’ cultures, countries and history more than their own. Therefore, they don’t know their true worth.


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