In Ramadan, Keep Calm and “Goosfraba”!

Ramadan grocery shopping to me is hectic, noisy, and annoyingly long. But there is one small fun part about it; it’s the conversations shoppers have with each other while shopping. Grocery talks vary according to the time of the shopping trip. When it’s done before breaking their fasting, people tend to be more verbally violent with one another. Some would exaggerate and become drama queens and kings. Who said food doesn’t affect you?

Here are a few samples of the talks I heard recently “all pre-futoor shopping:”

1) A- a young woman “on the phone” gazing at different kinds of chocolate in front of her: “but I can’t find Flakes. What should I do now?”
“What do you mean you already have it! Why did you write it down then, idiot! I wasted my time looking for it! I should not have relied on you to do even a small task like this!”

Another sample,

A- a man in his forties talking to his “apparently” wife; “we have enough rice for a year to come, why do you want to buy more?”
“I’m looking for a risotto rice. I can’t make risotto using the traditional rice”
The man; ” what the hell is risotto anyway? You always like to complicate life!”

At another corner, a man with his two kids,
“no chocolate for you both” said the man, “put that back” warning his kids
“you are already overweight! Not your fault though! Your mom doesn’t have time to cook and you live on fast food. You will end up having high cholesterol, just like her!”


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