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Keep updating your friends’ list!

People have a weird definition of loyalty. When they love someone, they expect them to stay the same. Forever.

But, what kind of people never change?


Death is the opposite of change. To die is to never question, to never dare, to no longer live. Wether it is for the better for to the wrose, change is inevitable.

Friends who demand their friends to never change, are afraid of change themselves. Those are friends with benefits; friends who love themselves too much that they would use you as a tool to bring them a sense of joy/settlement they cannot live without.

When a friend changes in their journey to discover themselves, we either have to accept the change, update ourselves to cope with the new situation, or simply replace that friend and move forward. You cannot control the whole universe. Most people do not do that. Instead, they clutch to the past, that’s when things were “seemingly” perfect according to their rules.

Change is part of the pursuit of happiness we all long for. As happiness changes over time, so does change. So if you want to be happy/ier, change and never look back. It’s that simple!


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