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Late night confessions!

Behind the screen, everyone seems perfect. Meet your online friends. Get exposed to their darker side.

 Whenever I come to write an article, I always try to talk about others, not about myself. But I am a human being too. Sometimes, I just want to talk to the world.

Below I share some of my daily annoying habits. Things people think I would never think about. Let alone do!

1- Even though I am vegetarian, I love the smell of barbecue. I actually crave meat whenever I see a good cheeseburger in front of me. There were a few times when I was about to give up my vegetarian diet for the sake of those tempting circular sandwiches. I never did, but I am not sure how long I will keep my veggies happy.

2- Though I do listen to modern songs, whenever I am alone, I hum extremely old songs. Songs which I myself haven’t heard in years. They are literally stuck in my mind. The list almost never changes.

3- My sense of smell is really strong I could smell one’s natural scent under their perfume.

A smell could wake me up or keep me up late at night. Strong odors are as annoying as loud sounds to me.

4- I eat while talking to people on the phone. Even to people who I talk to for the first time. My favorite “chit chat” food?

Chips! So, you can only imagine how loud that call would be!

5- No matter how late I am, It always takes me 30 minutes to get up from bed every morning.

You see? Nobody is perfect! Behind the screen everyone seems to be ideal. So, get out,  meet your online friends. Get exposed to their dark side!


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