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I love you in real life but I hate you in Instagram!


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All of a sudden, one of my good friends has recently unfollowed me in Instagram and Twitter. I was in total disbelief as there was not even the slightest indicator of any fight.

I kept looking for any logical reason. Anything that will explain. I couldn’t find any. We have been friends for over 4 years and we both know each other very well. So what happened?

“Look I know you are slightly disappointed, but let me explain” she started,

“Me unfollowing you has nothing to do with you. At all. It has everything to do with me.

The more snaps and posts I read for you, the narrower my knowledge of the “real” you, becomes.”


“The more we communicate through those social media apps, the less I feel the need to meet in life. Even a phone conversation has become rare. We have become more comfortable texting.”


Face life. Real life.
virtual life shows only small part of you.

“What do you mean?” I asked,

“Our communication has become lifeless.” She replied,

” I still don’t get the reason why you unfollowed me!” I raised my two eye brows as I uttered those words,

“Look, I’m not a follower to the journalist you. I’m not a follower to the writer you. I’m not like those people who hit “like” without bothering to read the words written, just to show some “fake” kind of support. I’m not a follower darling, I’m a friend”

“Seriously! So how are we friends then?” I interrupted sarcastically,

“I’m friends with your heart, with your soul. Not with your snaps or posts. All of that is virtual. It is not real. But hearts?”

Then she continued:

“You are not your posts just like what those people think.Those apps don’t define who you are.You have much more to that. I am friends with that part. The “much more” part. The part which your followers don’t know about. Why? Because it can be only felt through real life communication.”

Kingdom Tower, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Go out , look up discover a world called “life”
End of the talk.

I honestly didn’t know if I felt happy or offended about the whole conversation.

I have always thought that people can recognize the real me through my posts. I always think of myself as spontaneous. In real life and social media I’m the same person. At least that’s what I think through sharing honest bits and pieces of my day to day life.

But I realized that all of that is not enough to know even 1% about the truth of the person. Any person.

People tend to categorize. Each person we encounter is either funny or serious, easy or difficult, black or white, this or that. Human nature is more complicated to be limited in two options.

We should always remember that each person has so many facets, angels and degrees of depth to their character. At different times. Shown to different people.

It is correct. I am not my Facebook. Neither am I my Instagram posts or Snaps. I can be the total of them all combined together, yet I am none of them either.

I don’t believe in virtual friendships. I believe in vibes. Those apps can not carry the vibes of the sender, but rather the receiver.

Its going through thick and thin together that actually makes you know how deep the connection is between two people. That is the touchstone. Everything else is nothing but a delusion.


Mother Teresa Quotes. The letters.
“life is an adventure, dare it.” Mother Teresa

14 thoughts on “I love you in real life but I hate you in Instagram!

  1. I love this! I feel like my virtual life through social media can make things awkward between me and my real life friends sometimes so I totally understand where your friend is coming from. As a blogger, trying to build a personal brand, it can be hard to step away from the version of yourself you’re pretty much selling to people online, asking them to be a part of your brand. Just something we should think about. Thanks for sharing. xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

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  2. My Dear Friend, I disagree….fully Henri Cartier Bresson called it The Decisive Moment. He stated that the MOMENT we click a shutter, regardless of the Tool we use to take that photo, EVERYTHING that defines who we are, all our Life Experiences, the way we see and feel and look at the World, just came into Play. I knew a woman Psychologist who would give New Patients a disposable camera and tell them to shoot the whole roll and bring it back to her. Invariably they would ask shoot what? And her response was whatever captures your attention or eye. Anything you like. And bring it back, I’ll develop the film and then we will go through them together. She did this because it showed her Exactly how THEY see the World. IF you look deeper and are sensitive to all that someone posts, you will see their true selves. No matter how much they try to dress it up. You will see aspirations and failures and the good and the bad. LOL we are ONLY Human afterall.

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      1. ok My Dear Friend Happy New Year! Angelo wants me in Times Square for New Years Eve so we can get to the middle of the festivities. I think many of my Family want to go as well. I am strongly thinking about it. Did it last year and was right behind the Stage and enjoyed Taylor Swift totally


  3. I found this VERY relatable. I think a lot of people have a completely different social media presence than they are in person – kind of like a childhood friend who runs with a different crowd now and acts totally different in front of them than when it’s just the two of you, I would think. I also feel like people sometimes just post things to get attention – good or bad – or to stir something up. Sometimes that can be a good thing – like looking at a unique perspective, finding something interesting to share etc. But other times people just go “crazy” with posting things just for “likes” or views etc – same with YouTube and so on.

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  4. You captured this perfectly Noor, “I am not my Facebook. Neither am I my instagram posts and snaps. I can be the total of them all combined, yet I am none of them either.” There is no way any social media can capture the true essence of who we are – fully. And so what we put on social media will remain a very tiny part of who we are, and for some people – none of who they really are. Social media is a tool to be used to accomplish whatever an individual wants to accomplish, and we should all bear this in mind. And so when all is said and done, I would not unfriend my friend(s) because of this explanation you got. Sometimes we have to look beyond ourselves and understand/support our friends walk.

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