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How to locate your lost luggage in 1 day! (Hint:Twitter included)

 Air Canada lost my bag in Oct.3rd 2015

I made a report in the airport right away. I also submited a declaration form later in Oct 23rd.

I kept following up the status of my bag ever since (through international phone calls btw). The agents who I talked with would repeat the same old story; ” Please bear with us while we do our best to find it. We are unable to locate it as yet”

The deadline they previously gave me arrived and it has become a time now to talk financial compromise. Instead, they gave me a second deadline. At this point, I got really frustrated and was determined to complain to the CEO. But I finally decided to tweet the official Air Canada account with the whole story.

They tweeted right away and took them only 1 day to locate it. You heard that, right? 

1 day only! 

They told me it arrived at the Saudi Airport in October 14. 

First, thanks to the official Twitter account of Air Canada. The misinformed agents are the main cause of the problem. Actually they are the problem itself.

Second, two months an a half to wait for something to arrive is just too much to anyone’s nerves. My bag was about to be shipped back to its original airport when I called to check it up. 

“You’re so lucky” said the Saudi agent, “the security officer arrived late last night so we delayed its shipment. Otherwise it would have been shipped by yesterday”

Third, I will never ever use Air Canada again. This whole nightmare was more than enough experience to give first and last impressions.

Anyway, I’m grateful my bag and its contents arrived safely. Welcome home happiness ingredients ❤️



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