On The Twelfth Day There’s Love

Whenever you can make this world a better place, through a smile, a gesture, a word, a gift, please go ahead and do so.
The world needs more love, help to spread it!

(and lots of it)!

IMG_3127 (1)

I remember when I first heard about Hannah Brencher, and I was first tied to her crazy idea. It was in one of my most difficult years of college. A year, that was a huge turning point for me. I was sitting at home alone and watched her ted talk. After, I was in a flurry. I needed to write, there were so many words itching, aching, dying to get out of me. So I picked up a pen in one of the most feverish, cathartic freewriting sessions I have ever experienced.

That’s what Hannah does to people; she helps them find, feel, and feed the fire in their belly.

She is what I like to call a lightworker.   She brings light into people’s lives to help them better see, themselves, and their purpose. She has found a way to spread the gift of…

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