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Dear Santiago from The Alchemist, my Spain is your Egypt!

A year ago, a colleague of mine told me I should go to Spain. I asked him why but he would not answer. When I insisted one day to know, he said:”there’s something for you there. Go claim it!”

Even before that talk, Spain to me has always been like Egypt to the boy (Santiago) in The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. A place with a treasure buried inside. A treasure for you only.

You “feel” you should go, yet you have no”logical” reason to believe those feelings. The more you ignore such fantasies and think they will disappear with time, the fiercer they grow. Eventually, they become so big you can’t shut them down. You want to go, but you are afraid to feel stupid in front of yourself looking for something that may not exist. You are afraid to have your expectations demolished. You are afraid of facing something you can’t define or fully comprehend.

According to an ancient myth, when two countries are spelled starting with the same letter, they share a big thing in common. In the case of Saudi and Spain, the striking resemblance of Saudis in looks to the Spanish is undeniable. Inside Saudi Arabia, we jokingly call one another “Spanish”. 

Could Spain mistake me to be one of its people and grant me my unknown treasure which I will go in search for?

I don’t even know if I look enough Spanish honestly. But it’s not how one looks. It’s how one feels. 

I haven’t dared to visit Spain yet. All pictures posted here are taken from the account of one of my  Snapchat friends in his trip to Barcelona.

While watching videos from the festivals of the three Kings day, and looking at children eating the King’s cake and all those sugary treats, I shed tears. I was overwhelmed. I felt as though I was there myself. I never become this emotional when seeing pictures or videos anywhere, but Spain has a special place in my heart. A privilege which I don’t easily give to any country. Specially a country which I have not yet visited.

I guess it’s time to pack my guts. It’s time to look for the unknown. It’s time to pursue my Spanish mirrors, and may be have some original Paella too. 







πŸ’œπŸ’œ Hello I’m Noor and I’m Saudi. I love to write, eat bagels and dance. 

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28 thoughts on “Dear Santiago from The Alchemist, my Spain is your Egypt!

  1. I almost been everywhere in Europe and no doubt Spain is the most beautiful country I’ve been to so far. there are plenty of breath taking Islamic remains and monuments in Seville,Malaga, and Granada.
    inshala you ll go there one day and full fill your dream.

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  2. Noor – I appreciate the beautiful post and lovely pictures. Years ago I went to Paris from the US on a business trip. Some of my colleagues extended the trip and decided to go to London and Spain. I was so jealous because I could not go along with them. When they returned, they boasted about Spain nonstop! Until now, I always say if I can go on another trip abroad it would be to Spain for sure. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to more of your posts. Peace and blessings in this new year!

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  3. β€œYou β€œfeel” you should go; yet you have no β€œlogical” reason to believe those feelings. The more you ignore such fantasies and think they will disappear with time, the fiercer they grow.”


    I too, have a place that keeps inviting me to come, to search, to discover, to find my treasure. It’s Peru! Writing about Peru seemed accidental at first, but isn’t that at times how it feels. We think oh, it was just happenstance. I never even said Peru out loud and there I was intrigued to explore the ancient temples of the Incas in Machu Picchu, hike in the Amazon, and connect with the indigenous people at Lake Titicaca.

    I am excited about my impeding trip as I am writing this and I am no longer questioning: Why Peru?


  4. I would love to visit both of these places. Saudi Arabia is fascinating to me. It has so much history going back so far! The only thing is that I am afraid to visit because it seems that due to politics and social exchanges, it may be unsafe for me as an American — an American Jewish convert, no less. Sure, there are places where no non-Muslim is allowed, and that’s OK. Even if I went to Israel to the Dome of the Rock, there are places that I would not be allowed as a non-Muslim, a non-Orthodox Jew and a non-member of a variety of Jewish sects and their respective clerical bureaucracy. I might feel a little left out, even hurt, but I wouldn’t want to incite any sort of outrage and disrupt the lives and customs of others, let alone put myself in the danger for the sake of tourism.

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      1. Yes.
        I went from looking at travel as a temporary vacation and doubting that I could survive alone in foreign environments to seeing travel as an adventure and an opportunity to grow. πŸ™‚ I hadn’t realized all of this until you asked me.

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