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Create happy customers!

Whenever I have an amazing experience as a customer, I always make sure to spread that news. 

I do that for two reasons:

1- As a recognition for someone’s efforts.

2-To set high standards for the competitors out there in the market. It will become like an example they can all learn from.

When a salesperson makes sure to go that extra mile for me, how could I not repeat that positive experience then!

Below you will read in details about the experiences I had. They are international but I will start with my hometown, Saudi Arabia: 
1- Faris Restaurant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:


I just adore this place. It’s quiet, classy with lots of youth energy and positive vibes. The menu is creative too.  

I went there for a breakfast with my mom who is a tea lover, and she did not like how light her tea was. It contained only one bag of tea. She said that to the waiter, and he quickly brought her another bag of tea. No extra charges or questions were made. The result: Mom was happy, the waiter was happy, I was happy too. 

When you believe that the customer is always right, why would you argue! 
2- Humble Burgers restaurant in Kuwait: 


I’m pescatarian (I eat no meat or chicken), and they replaced my vegetarian burger with beef burger by mistake. I was really hungry and that made me feel sad! 

So, I wrote to them via Instagram about what happened. 

Next day, I received my whole order again (for free), including a veggie burger of course, plus one extra dessert as an apology treat! 

Who couldn’t be in love with such generosity!
3- Apple Store in New York, USA:

I know you must be rolling your eyes here! It has become a cliche’ to say that Apple Stores provides quality service.

But seriously, what makes Apple Store stand out in the world of service?

I was curious and decided to find an answer to my question. So I visited their store in New York during its peak season (few days after the iPhone 6 was launched).

Of course I had to stand in line with all other customers for sometime (that was the only nasty part though), but the total time of my experience since the moment I entered the store till I left took only 10 minutes!

I stepped in, asked for silver gray iPhone 6, got it (it was literally brought to where I was standing), then I paid through credit card (again, the machine was brought to me also.) 

There was no need to stand in lines inside the store on the way to the cashier. 

What about the receipt? 

It was instantly sent to my email. 

I walked out with a brand new phone and a big smile πŸ™‚
4- Hooray Homemade chocolate truffles, in Vancouver Canada:

The sales owner makes the best chocolate truffles in the world. Organic, gluten-free, dark, handsome, tall “That was her own description of her chocolate!”.  

She was standing there in the farmers’ market in her small booth displaying her products with pride.

When I approached her, I was bored. I just wanted to get some gifts for friends. I just wanted to grab a few boxes and run away. She did not let me do that.

She forced me to try the chocolate before I buy it. She made sure I like it. 

Now why is this good?

Because she made sure that I walk away feeling happy that I purchased something from her. If I was not satisfied, then a feedback from me will help her make other future customers satisfied. Money did not seem to be of priority to her. It was building reputation.

Simple touches of respect and kindness to customers go along way. Those places have secured me as a loyal customer for good. 

I’m looking forward to having more positive customer service experiences around the world. If you have experienced any similar positive experience, please share it below! We want to receive positive vibes tonight!πŸ’š




I’m Noor and I’m a Saudi blogger/writer.

I like to dance, eat bagels and collect stories of complete strangers. I later write them here, in this blog!

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16 thoughts on “Create happy customers!

  1. In a world of cost cutting and self service, it’s hard to find good customer experience nowadays, unless you are willing to pay big bucks for services that reserved for the rich. Thanks for sharing your experience and showing that good customer service is still available for mere peasants like me πŸ™‚


  2. Of all the vices in like I am blessed to have 0nly it be a love for Chocolate, I am in love with, (that’s a nicer way of saying β€˜Addicted to Dark Chocolate) but I mean that in a good way’ not that the world of which I live within would cease to exist if the world ran out of Valrhona chocolate /Noir Amber 71% Cacao – but for other chocolate lovers like myself the world may very well stop, if all sources were depleted. I use to eat Dark chocolate daily, but I am getting healed now/ or is that getting worse. “~



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