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Small happiness projects! 

I believe in updating sources of happiness. When I say updating, that’s because happiness can’t remain the same for everyone all the time. Not in the same degree at least. The form changes with time.
While an ultimate happiness can be love; love of the whole universe, feeling love and be loved back, there are still small pleasures in life which should never go unnoticed. Here, you will see some pictures from things that make my day. Every single time.

Tell me, what makes your day? 



quest bar in my favorite flavor; pumpkin 💜
watching my favorite childhood program again after they have reinnovated it!💜
because i can’t post a picture if myself doing that! lol 😁

getting my favorite chocolate bar!

20 thoughts on “Small happiness projects! 

      1. I’ll definitely inshaa Allah try that once I’m in Paris “sometime this year fingers crossed” 🙂 thanks for the recommendation. What other yummy goodies should I try from Paris?

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      2. Sometimes this year? How lovely. Other goodies? I’m afraid “charcuterie”, pâté would be out of bounds for you guys. Wine? No, right? Hmmm. Cheese are fabulous. Pastry! A huge variety. Which you should love. Try the “pain au chocolat”. 🙂
        (I’ll try to think of other “suitable” goodies 😉

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    1. It’s amazing how little pleasures can always lead to bigger happiness if appreciated!
      I’m so glad you do 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and enjoy reading other posts here as well 🙂 they are as cool and cheers readers up !

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  1. Food… Food… Food…
    Did I say Food?? 😀

    Okayy so maybe dark chocolate, biriyani and choco lava cakes(to be precise) .. Though there are a hundred other little things too.. 🙂

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