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Everybody, Meet Mr.Fatima!

Today, I complete three months as a manager in this company. I am really glad I did well throughout my probationary phase as it is my first time to be a manager in my career. 
In celebration of the occasion, I take a coffee break with a colleague of mine; another manager from the next company near ours. This is my first casual talk with her away from the office. She seems like a nice person though I don’t know her that well. 

As I start my first bite of my tiramisu, she raises her two eyebrows in surprise and smilingly says:

“Wow! I never thought that crossfitters can eat cakes!”

I give a short laugh before I reply:

“And they eat fries, and they belly dance, and they joke around, and they color their nails and wear heels and mascaras too”

Just then her smile faded away. 

It took me a few seconds to realize it’s because she is the opposite to everything I have just said. So that sounds like mockery to her.

To correct the awkwardness of the situation, I go on:

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean any offense to you. I’m just talking about myself”

“No that’s fine” she said quickly

“and since you talked about yourself, let me talk about myself too”

“I’m all ears” I said

She took a deep breath before she starts talking then she began:

Since I was a little girl, my family would praise my loud, almost-blatant voice. When I talk, the whole room anywhere I am in would stop to look at the source of that audible voice. That was not out of admiration every time to be honest. I could easily tell that from their facial expressions. They would be surprised how could a little girl have such a big assertive tone of voice.

As a school student, I participated in morning motivational speeches before classes begin. Sometimes I would sing too. I was also chosen to do some theatrical performances due to my voice and extreme confidence in myself.

I grew up, now I have a career. After only one year in my first job, I was appointed a manager. No wonder. I have got all what it takes. I am educated, strong, confident, fair, have a strong voice and sharp tone. Even the way I walk shows that I am is a manager; head up high like almost all Saudi managers. Well, maybe except you!

I couldn’t tell wether she was joking or serious, so I make no comment. 

She goes on:

I forgot to mention that I lift weights too to keep myself fit. Not crossfit but body building. 

A woman has to look after her body and looks. Except that…(pause) I don’t feel like …(another pause) a female.

Being a manager for almost 8 staff members now, I always try to protect them. I must always prove my value being the first female manager in this company, and so I constantly compete with other managers. They are all men. No matter how good I make, I always want to do better than what they do. I usually succeed doing that but it takes a lot of my energy. At the end of the day, I am exhausted.

Recently I realized that I drink only black coffee, I wear no makeup, and I eat my lunch in the office really quickly everyday. I can hardly taste it. All my talks are about work, money, promotions, offers, development. That’s my passion now. There’s nothing wrong about that, but I feel I’m starting to belong more to men’s world. I don’t know much about fashion, beauty or makeup. I am starting to feel that all those are irrelevant. Especially beauty. It’s not an idea I think about because I don’t feel like one. I don’t feel beautiful from the inside. Even when I wear makeup, deep within I don’t feel pretty.

I’m only afraid if I change to look and feel like a woman, those male managers would win over me. And I will never give’m that chance. Ever. Now, who is the winner, huh?

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28 thoughts on “Everybody, Meet Mr.Fatima!

  1. Congrats on your promotion. Becoming a manager is always an important step. (Means you do have to look after the people reporting to you).
    Bagels? πŸ™‚ Did you pick that up in New York?
    Take care.
    Noor means “light”? Or am I mistaken?

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  2. Congratulations Sugar ❀

    yes, sometimes we get overworked not realizing how far it's taking from our time and energy. Also, Your friend just summed up the hardship most women encounter when they climb the ladder. It's a universal issue.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on your promotion. Don’t lose yourself to your work though like your friend if I may call her that.Today’s kind of the first day I have looked at your pic real well and I must say mashaAllah…did I get that right..? Oh well, you look young and pretty.


    1. Thanks dear for stopping by again!
      Women can take positions which have been long by men only , but she has got to be careful not to turn into a man herself. It’s mostly about vibes and balancing the Yin Yang energy within. πŸ™‚

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      1. Once you start reading on that, you’ll never stop! It’s amazing thing to learn and with great impact on your life when you start to apply!
        I started to have a different life perception after I became familiar with it!


  4. Congrats! I think it’s important to simply look well groomed but not focus so heavily on looking wonderful. The workers will assess you how you make them feel part of the team and to help them perform on job well, it’s not about you. They don’t care. Remember this.

    I actually stopped wearing makeup over…8 yrs. ago. I work full time with men and women face to face.

    Sure I felt compelled to wear makeup when I at a meeting, giving presentations.. I did have several different management jobs prior to my present job.

    Instead of thinking about career-aspiring stuff, focus on how your operations and services can be good/better and the people who fill the roles. Then everything else will fall into place. Otherwise you’re chasing an empty rainbow illusion.

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  5. My Dear Friend, We can be our own worse enemy. We are all a Unique and singular Soul in the Universe. True freedom comes from being yourself. And bringing your own Special flavor to this Recipe called Life. Work should never ever be a separate aspect of one’s Life Journey. BUT an integral part of the Whole business of Living. Most of the Women I know are not trying to redefine themselves. They are simply being true to their beautiful Female Natures. That means they are confident enough to stand up to the World, and state this is Me! This is my style and persona. Yes, we need to consider others and not offend, especially in a business environment. Remember that your successful completion of the duties your position is assigned, is everyone else’s success. And the World benefits because if the employees are competent, they bring their salaries into the home, churches, markets, etc.. Thus adding to help make the World go round by feeding others. Helping with their need for shelter and substance. But if you are being paid to subjugate yourself, well you may think about another career or job or employer. The most successful Companies encourage individuality because they know that each and every Person has unique and special qualities. Which will reach out to a wider range of clientele. Women are this World’s greatest Resource, for they are built to nurture. To be sensitive, and emotionally most aware of the World around them. We don’t need more Men in the World, we need more women to stop and think what it is to be true to your female nature.


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