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A post about Rice Krispies!

Every now and then I write a post like this. A post about nothing. A random post about absolutely nothing.
Why do I do that?

For two reasons:

1- Because I am committed to updating my blog at least once a week, so I should not take a break whenever I feel lazy. I can but I won’t.

2- because all writers go through temptations to write about themselves. Their days. Their dreams. They resist that temptation “most of the time”. Instead, they write about one single experience and focus on it. That’s how you develop a good article.

 Well, my post of this week isn’t meant to be good. It’s meant to be comforting only. May be funny too.

Below, I am going to ask a few random questions that come to my mind every now and then but never say them out loud to anybody. 

If you happen to have an answer, feel free to comment below:

1-Why do people show only their best part in social media? Like they show their food, their cars…etc. what happens to their bad hair days?

2- Why isn’t there more letters in the English alphabets when people can pronounce more sounds than 26?

3- why is Sushi so cheap and tasty in Vancouver while it’s more expensive and of less quality in other countries?

4- why do people think that all Saudis are super rich?

5- Why do most people in the west think that Saudis live in desert and use camels as a means of transportation?

6- Why is Rice Krispies so unbelievably tasty?

7- Why are vegans always angry at the world? At meat-lovers I mean! Don’t they really know that animals are created to serve humans?

8- Why are women afraid of aging while men aren’t? 

These are all my questions for now. You may want to either share your own random questions or answer any of my questions above. 



Thank you for reading my post.

My name is Noor and I am a writer from Saudi.

I like to write, dance and eat bagels.

If you like this post, please tell me!

 Hit “like” or write a comment “which I always go back to. Guaranteed”, or reblog it for your readers! That would have made my day! πŸ’œ




38 thoughts on “A post about Rice Krispies!

  1. Last week you posted about chocolate and now…Rice Krispies? I like this blog πŸ˜€

    I do have an answer to the question about why women are afraid of aging whereas men are not. I think it has to do with the different expectations we put on the different genders. Women are under more pressure to appear young and beautiful, because too often a woman’s worth is determined by her attractiveness. This is less true for men, because our societal worth is often thought to derive from our dominance AKA power. Older men tend to be more powerful, because they frequently have more money. Hence women are constantly pressured to appear young whereas upper middle-aged men are said to look “distinguished.”

    Of course those are just generalities, and there’s always a chance I’m wrong. It’s not a big chance, but it has happened before πŸ˜›

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    1. Josh, I always like your sharp comments!
      & lol at you liking my blog because it’s full of goodies!
      And actually you’re right!
      But then, there are women in their fifties and even sixties who can maintain the youth look. How do they manage to do that? Aren’t they awesome!

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      1. Magical powers make everything more interesting! At least people could justify someone’s good care of their lives to be having a super powers or extreme luck! lol
        Trust me, that’s not talking about you. At all. But funny how people disregard hard work and see only the beauty on the surface!

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      2. There’s actually a legit psychological principle (though I have sadly forgotten its name) about that. It’s common for people to attribute others’ successes to something beyond their control (such as luck), and our successes to our own hard work. It helps maintain the illusion that we’re special.

        Of course that principle comes from research in Western countries like the US. So I wonder if it applies in less individualistic societies?

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      3. Oh yeah! I guess that’s world-wide.
        Sometimes they even associate good things with bad causes, ( like being rich for being a thief) so they can continue their laziness!
        People have interesting theories. Just listen when they talk and you’ll discover worlds uncovered!

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  2. That was funny. Both the rice krispis and the questions. I won’t follow you as far on krispis as for chocolate, but it’s ok.
    1. Those are “social” media. It would be like going out on the street in pajamas…
    2. There are close to 12 vowels in French. But only 26 letters too. Have a look at Romanian or Czech. Their alphabet looks like a nightmare. πŸ™‚ And if I’m not mistaken, isn’t Arabic only writing consonnants? The vowels are implied?
    3. Don’t know Vancouver. Can’t help you.
    4. That is the fault of social media. πŸ™‚ See point #1.
    5.Do you mean you guys don’t live in tents? πŸ˜‰
    6. I prefer chocolate. πŸ™‚
    7. My cat would disagree with you. She believes humans were designed to obey cat orders
    8. Oh, my dear… Millions of lines have been written on that subject. From a hormon balance perspective, to different roles of seduction and protection, bla, bla, bla. I’ve had a bad back for some years now, and believe me it is not improving with age… So I am not without concern about aging…
    (Do I get a chocolate bar for answering all the questions?)
    Have a nice week-end.


    1. Hello Brian,
      Thanks a lot for answering the questions! I liked the one about cats. I think children view the world in almost a similar view!
      And you’re right about Arabic consonants and vowels. I’ll have a look later at what you mentioned!
      Since the theme of my post this week is Rice Krispies, so the reward should be Rice Krispies! Actually that would be a really good idea! πŸ™‚
      Have a nice weekend too!

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  3. Number 3- the answer is as I see it: Is that it’s a matter of availability as well as distance to transport product from local fishing ports to restaurant location / region, Vancouver has a larger fishing port and is where many Pacific Species are fresh catch and ported to. Vancouver being a seaport city and I am assuming most if not all Fish species use to prepare the sushi are Pacific Ocean species spacific. I eat a lot of Sushi, and know from years of experience, when cooking at home or in Dinning out that delicious food equates to handmade / prepared fresh ingredients and proper stored temperature. Even the freshness rice steamed and time duration. And to have all of that, it cost money. Sake (Salmon) Nigiri style sushi topped with Tobiko caviar (Flying fish roe) is blissful).

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  4. Well.
    1. I guess everybody wants to show their Goody good side from afar, then people come close but few stay the rest flee.. (does that even makes sense?)
    2. I swear idk..
    3. Idk.. Again πŸ™Š
    4. Oh I blame the super cool movies like ugh.. Sex and the City? Like United Arab Emirates is so dreamy.
    5. I think it’s a part of your culture but I think you guys drive bugatti, definitely not camels.
    6. Umm..
    7. Ah. Idk I love meat and I love it no matter who’s mad
    8. We women love worrying and obsessing over these stuff, I guess!

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    1. Oh, you mean Arizona people think that Saudis live in desert, or that Arizona people actually live in a desert ? USA has really interesting culture! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚


  5. 3- why is Sushi so cheap and tasty in Vancouver while it’s more expensive and of less quality in other countries?

    It’s not just access to fresher seafood for better tasting sushi, but more Asian-Canadians living and working there that makes the sushi restaurants more competitive. I suspect in other countries a lot of the seafood has been frozen for much longer time, lack of choice sushi rice and mirin (rice vinegar that’s added to sushi rice), etc.

    4- why do people think that all Saudis are super rich?
    You have a role as a blogger to educate us all….how many ordinary, low-income Saudis do you know? Can most of them travel to North America from Saudi Arabia?

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    1. Sushi of Vancouver is indescribable! It’s amazingly good! I don’t think sushi in Japan will taste as half good!
      As for educating my readers on the life of Saudi, well yes. That’s what I’m trying to do. Not everyone from Saudi can travel to US due to financial or language barriers.
      Thanks again Jean! Your comments are always deep and insightful!


  6. Hello Noor. Once again I have answers for your questions.

    Pertaining to number 8.
    What me must understand here, is that the world is alive, a world in constant changing motion, and as the world, we as human beings are alive, and in a constant state of changing motion, we have four life stages, and the Male human body and the female human body, hold the genetic key to happiness, and good health and beauty, when paired male and Female.

    Pertaining to number 5.
    Actually Saudi Arabia was not always a desert it was of vast forests and of many small lakes in the entire region. As well a Camel is not indigenous to Saudi Arabia; they were originally world travels, nomadic. The Hump, is also extremely efficient in winter climates, a backpack of fat if you will’ a stored back heater, and the body of the camel draws upon the great source, heating its body core, Heart, Brain and extremities.

    -Just as the β€˜Hump’ works as a radiator cooling the core of the body, the brain and extremities and providing vital fluids. The Camel is a very efficient beast of nature. It is gross misunderstood, it is our human minds that need to better understand the people, cultures, animals, sea life all of this planet and all and every must be respected.

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    1. You’re absolutely right!
      People should always make themselves more familiar with people around them before judging them.
      I really value your answers! They have so much thoughts into them. Thanks Brock for commenting. Please come back later to comment more here πŸ™‚


  7. Am I glad I stumbled upon your blog… Wonderful Post, we tend to always focus on good and not the bad. The question about Why people think Saudis ride Camels?…reminds me of a few Foreigners that thought South Africa had lions and other wild-animals walking our streets🐾🦁🐘🐾 .

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