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A dose of reflective cuteness!

 We often ignore the beauty of everyday and focus on the end result. Surprisingly, when we achieve that end result, we do not get satisfied. We want more, and more and more. 

Life is all about the present moment. Watch with new eyes the beauty around you, the cuteness around you, the peace that overwhelms you. They have been saying for years that the world is coming to an end. Well, the world is still there, and prospering. And those who said that once, are not here! 

Got it?

The world is your own soul. Watch what is inside, and the outside will reflect that. 

Below, there are a group of random photos that I find super and genuinely cute. I clutch to cuteness wherever I find it. If you think something is cute, sweet, beautiful then that reflects your own cuteness, sweetness and beauty. 

Tell me, which of those photos you really like in the comments πŸ™‚ 

Have an amazing weekend everybody! πŸ’šπŸ’š



Thank you for reading my post of this week!

My name is Noor and I’m a writer from Saudi..

I like to dance, eat bagels and just be awesome!

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Love and positive vibesπŸ’š




31 thoughts on “A dose of reflective cuteness!

  1. Great set of photos Noor! I liked the dogs and mantids best, I think.
    The world is still here but it is sick. War, poverty, environmental destruction, overpopulation, religious insanity, racism, sexism. There are a lot of issues that need addressing!
    Love, tolerance, empathy and compassion towards all people and creatures. That’s my mantra. We build the positive zeitgeist.

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  2. I love the lion pic.Watch with new eyes the beauty around you… Everyday as I walk to class I enjoy the breeze sent by huge towering trees standing on either side of the 4-lane tarmac.With ear phones on, I almost wanna hug the air..

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  3. Of course the elderly couple, as growing through the stages of life together, shows us that love itself is indeed timeless. Cuteness, always the adorable puppies earn our hearts attention, and how cute to witness a little baby laying next to the cuddly toy bear; and baby’s are at their most adorable when smiling, or when laying upon their tummy, and posed in the lumbering bunny butt pose. So it The images of the elderly couple, and the image of the puppies, and the image of the baby sleeping next to her baby bear.

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    1. What a nice thought you’re putting into your choice!
      I believe choices in this selection tell about characters. Do you think so?
      Thanks Brock for bring a consistent reader of my blog!


  4. Such wonderful positive thoughts. The world does indeed need more bloggers like you! And such a sweet collection of pictures to wrap up a lovely post. Cheers and hope to read more from you πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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