Amman · Jordan

I love you, Amman!❤️

Hi guys,

I was on a business trip to Amman, Jordan last week. 

If you have seen my any of my previous travel posts, you will know that I don’t like to act or feel like a tourist anywhere I go. Therefore, I wouldn’t visit tourist attractions, unless they were to my interest.

When I travel solo, I make sure to meet and talk to as many locals as I can. I ask them so many questions and get to know more not only about the country but about them as individuals too. That’s why I end up making friends with so many people in each country I visit.

In Jordan such an exploration was necessary because most Saudis are guilty about holding a stereotypical image of Jordanians. They think that Jordanians are unfriendly. I find and personally experienced quite the opposite. Jordanians made me feel very welcomed. I felt like I belong more than some other places I visited before.

So after the trip is over, What do I get back home with?

Stories and friends❤️!  Could it get any better?

Yes, if you’re bringing home some aromatic Jordanian thyme which tastes heavenly😉👌🏽

A cozy cafe with music, books & beautiful people ❤️
Street art
Street art
Thyme (za’atar)
famous falafel the Jordanian way💚
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My name is Noor and I’m Saudi. I love to dance, eat bagels and write.

If you share any of my hobbies, then we are friends!

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21 thoughts on “I love you, Amman!❤️

    1. Isn’t that always the case, azileea?!😄
      I mean we judge those closest to us! I guess being physically close make us feel that we have that right!
      I’m glad you dropped by! Keep coming! 🙂


  1. انتي قلتي اقرأوا المقالات الانجليزية حتى لو مافهمتوا الكلام وانا قرأتها كلها بعض الكلام فهمته وبعضه لا ..بس اللي انبسطت منه اني قرأتها كلها وراح تتطور لغتي باذن الله..انتي نعمة💕

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