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This is us (married & happy)

Today’s post is short. I’m writing it with a clear purpose. It is just to remind everyone that happy couples do exist!

In a world where the media focuses on the rate of divorce & failure of relationships..we want to shift our attention to a brighter side that actually does EXIST! 

Below are pics of happy couples from the GCC who have been going through a lot of social criticism and/or attack for public display of happiness “yes. Happiness and romance in marriage to society is a deviation from the norm. You are either expected to be happy or married. You can’t be both” 😂

Thanks to the couples below who decided to just break the rules & be happy instead. Happy their own way.❤️

They are a living proof that you too can be married and happy (Only if you’re married to the right one! Choose wisely)

Fahad albutairi & Loujain Alhathloul (Saudi Arabia)
Marwa & Jassim Alshamrokh (Kuwait)
Khaled Alameri & Salama (United Arab Emirates)


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9 thoughts on “This is us (married & happy)

  1. Asalamu alaikum wa ramatullahi wa barakatuh, lovely short post even though I am not the kind of person to share anything too personal, especially pictures, in fear of the evil eye. Yet, it is actually Sunnah to express love publicly about one spouse. Indeed, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did answer “Aisha” when asked who was the person the most beloved to him. And it was a man, a sahaba, who asked ! All of that to say, I believe in balance. We are the Ummah of the middle. So yes, to express our admiration, love, friendship, and more for our spouses is good Mashallah. However, I also think we have to know the limits of that too. And sadly, I think people can go way too far in social media (showing physical proximity, beauty of the spouse, details of personal lives, and so on).

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