Bye bye November 🌊

November has been a weird month.

It’s cold yet cozy, makes you want to meet people and open to strangers and try new activities and say yes to things you would normally refuse.

I’ve been feeling lazy and sleeping a lot. I’ve been eating a lot too. Especially Mexican food which isn’t too good tbh. I think Mexican restaurants don’t do justice to Mexican food in Saudi! Even tho we have a variety of great Indian, Arabic, Italian restaurants, I’m not impressed with where we are in the Mexican kitchen!

I’ve started to be a regular at one of Starbucks branches and now they know me by name and know my order too! Iced vanilla Shaken😆

I’ve met lots of people from the past too. I let go of so many feelings. I faced a bunch of people. I told you it’s a weird month!

How was your November?

That’s how I look like now! Highlighted hair 🙆🏽‍♀️

One thought on “Bye bye November 🌊

  1. سلام عليكم .. نور كيفك و كيفها الحياة معاك .. اتمنى تكوني بخير و سعادة .. جيتي على بالي اليوم .. كتبت قبل خمس سنوات تدوينة واقعية بطريقة روائية و اتذكر الكومنت حقك .. اليوم الصباح كنت بنفس المكان اللي دارت فيه الأحداث و جيتي عبالي .. اتمنى تكوني بخير ❤️


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