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Julia & Julie got me like:

Warning: I’ve just finished watching (Julia & Julie) and I am still under its side-affect. This whole post is one more hallucination of mine. Don’t take it seriously! At least not all of it! 😝 Side not: I am writing this post again out of short term inspiration. I’m insanely sleepy, all my muscles ache… Continue reading Julia & Julie got me like:

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One year of solitude!

In the beginning of 2016, I took a decision to quit everything, and keep a distance from almost everybody. I decided to question everything and take things slowly. One thing at a time. I was carrying a lot of memories, strong emotions, fears, beliefs all on my shoulders and I became really overwhelmed.  Being the… Continue reading One year of solitude!

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Late night confessions!

Behind the screen, everyone seems perfect. Meet your online friends. Get exposed to their darker side.  Whenever I come to write an article, I always try to talk about others, not about myself. But I am a human being too. Sometimes, I just want to talk to the world. Below I share some of my… Continue reading Late night confessions!