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A post about Rice Krispies!

   Every now and then I write a post like this. A post about nothing. A random post about absolutely nothing. Why do I do that? For two reasons: 1- Because I am committed to updating my blog at least once a week, so I should not take a break whenever I feel lazy. I… Continue reading A post about Rice Krispies!

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Small happiness projects! 

I believe in updating sources of happiness. When I say updating, that’s because happiness can’t remain the same for everyone all the time. Not in the same degree at least. The form changes with time. While an ultimate happiness can be love; love of the whole universe, feeling love and be loved back, there are… Continue reading Small happiness projects! 

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Size 16 isn’t fat. Size zero isn’t feminine!

   A while ago, I started to follow a Saudi actress in Snapchat then I noticed that most of her chat was about losing weight. She would try hard all kinds of diets and any new techniques to shed whatever amount of fat she has; detoxing, LPG, green tea, 3 daily hours in the gym,… Continue reading Size 16 isn’t fat. Size zero isn’t feminine!

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It’s the little things! 

   It’s 12:20 after midnight and I have just finished my vigorous workout. Now I’m starving. I go to the kitchen searching for something with protein to eat. I open the fridge stare at the food for a few seconds before I decide that there was nothing interesting to eat. I shake my head in… Continue reading It’s the little things! 

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Create happy customers!

Whenever I have an amazing experience as a customer, I always make sure to spread that news.  I do that for two reasons: 1- As a recognition for someone’s efforts. 2-To set high standards for the competitors out there in the market. It will become like an example they can all learn from. When a… Continue reading Create happy customers!