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Create happy customers!

Whenever I have an amazing experience as a customer, I always make sure to spread that news.  I do that for two reasons: 1- As a recognition for someone’s efforts. 2-To set high standards for the competitors out there in the market. It will become like an example they can all learn from. When a… Continue reading Create happy customers!

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Why I listen to French music and wear purple sunglasses!

   During my high school, I was forced to study Arabic literature. Literature book worms will think at this point that it must have been interesting. Nah! most of those texts were boring. Soulless. Too idealistic to relate to your everyday life. I honestly hated them. The moment I graduated, I never touched any Arabic… Continue reading Why I listen to French music and wear purple sunglasses!

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Kuwait or ZombieLand?

“I will go to Kuwait tomorrow”I uttered those words over lunch with my family.  My brother suddenly stopped blinking and looked me straight in the eye for a few seconds, with his spoon full of rice a few inches away from his mouth. He then started a flood of questions: “What? You? Why?When? Where are… Continue reading Kuwait or ZombieLand?