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One year of solitude!

In the beginning of 2016, I took a decision to quit everything, and keep a distance from almost everybody. I decided to question everything and take things slowly. One thing at a time. I was carrying a lot of memories, strong emotions, fears, beliefs all on my shoulders and I became really overwhelmed.  Being the… Continue reading One year of solitude!

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Wadjda is the title of a Saudi movie produced in 2012. It’s the first feature length film written and directed by a Saudi female movie director, Haifaa Almansour. It was shot entirely inside Saudi Arabia. The story of the movie is about Wadjda, an 11-year-old Saudi girl living in the capital Riyadh, dreams of owning… Continue reading Wadjda

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Why I listen to French music and wear purple sunglasses!

   During my high school, I was forced to study Arabic literature. Literature book worms will think at this point that it must have been interesting. Nah! most of those texts were boring. Soulless. Too idealistic to relate to your everyday life. I honestly hated them. The moment I graduated, I never touched any Arabic… Continue reading Why I listen to French music and wear purple sunglasses!

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A letter to my future daughter

      Dear daughter, You will be so young by the time you find this letter but I know you will go ahead and read it anyway. I know that because you are part of me, and you will be as hard headed as I am. When I was your age, I used to think… Continue reading A letter to my future daughter

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How to locate your lost luggage in 1 day! (Hint:Twitter included)

    Air Canada lost my bag in Oct.3rd 2015 I made a report in the airport right away. I also submited a declaration form later in Oct 23rd. I kept following up the status of my bag ever since (through international phone calls btw). The agents who I talked with would repeat the same old story;… Continue reading How to locate your lost luggage in 1 day! (Hint:Twitter included)

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How do Saudis get married?

     “You could do better” That was what my sister kept repeating to me before I say “I do” to who is now my husband.  I never listened to her. I thought she was jealous of me. “You are going to regret your decision a big time!” She continues her warning session, “You are… Continue reading How do Saudis get married?