Best blogs I follow in WordPress

   Hi wordpressers:❤️ Below is a list of top blogs to me in WordPress: (Please feel free to add to the list even if yours is one you think is worth considering) 1- http://aopinionatedman.com (Harsh Reality) 2- http://daroundhill.com (Around the Hill)  3- http://bucketlistpublucations.org (Bucket List Publications) 4-http://burnsthefire.com  (burns the fire) 5-http://infinitefreetime.com  (infinitefreetime.com) I need you… Continue reading Best blogs I follow in WordPress

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How to locate your lost luggage in 1 day! (Hint:Twitter included)

    Air Canada lost my bag in Oct.3rd 2015 I made a report in the airport right away. I also submited a declaration form later in Oct 23rd. I kept following up the status of my bag ever since (through international phone calls btw). The agents who I talked with would repeat the same old story;… Continue reading How to locate your lost luggage in 1 day! (Hint:Twitter included)

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How do Saudis get married?

     “You could do better” That was what my sister kept repeating to me before I say “I do” to who is now my husband.  I never listened to her. I thought she was jealous of me. “You are going to regret your decision a big time!” She continues her warning session, “You are… Continue reading How do Saudis get married?

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Saudi female solo travelers won’t be telling you this!

  After 3 months of solo traveling, I was finally reunited with my friends. They started to ask me all kinds of questions but one was so deep that I kept thinking about even after the whole talk was over. “What if you married someone who is gonna stop you from traveling on your own?”… Continue reading Saudi female solo travelers won’t be telling you this!

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Late night confessions!

Behind the screen, everyone seems perfect. Meet your online friends. Get exposed to their darker side.  Whenever I come to write an article, I always try to talk about others, not about myself. But I am a human being too. Sometimes, I just want to talk to the world. Below I share some of my… Continue reading Late night confessions!