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I am beautiful and I know it!

“My daughter is an amazing cook”, “My daughter keeps her room clean”, “My daughter is the best in her class at school”. These are examples for some of the compliments most girls grow up hearing. They are good, but none of them actually addresses the “female” aspect of the girl. 

Noticing the beauty in a girl goes a long way. Words such as; “you are beautiful”, “your hair is amazing”, “your eyes are so pretty” do make a difference in her life and the way she looks at herself. The healthy nutrition of compliments to her hair, eyes, body, personality is as important to a girl as “power and ego” are to a man. 

What happens when a girl does not receive such words from her family as she grows up?

She will hear them at a later stage from a stranger, and she will fall for him. Regardless of wether he is worthy of her love or not, she should never wait on someone else to make her feel like a female. A girl should know she is pretty enough, strong enough, and female enough to be worthy of a gentleman’s love. She should “choose” who wins her heart, and never accept to be an option in someone’s life just because he makes her feel good about herself. 

A strong female is never that who tries to be a man in her looks and attitude, but that who knows her real value. 

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