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When was the last time you lived?


This is just a random post to give more inspiration to those still stumbling over living their lives in their own terms..

To those who are still thinking..rationalizing..using so much logics and what if’s..

Please share your story here..when youdecided to stop existing and start living..when you decided to invest in you..your dreams..your real “who you are”!

Every letter you write will make a difference in someone’s me on this 💚


5 thoughts on “When was the last time you lived?

  1. This is a very good question, Lumière. I was tempted to say, last month in Paris. 😉
    But I could also add, last saturday when 3 month-old grandson came to the house for lunch with his parents. He is the son of of my eldest daughter.
    Since Saturday? I am down with the flu and a raking cough…
    Be well my dear.
    (What is YOUR answer to the question?)
    And the drawing is great. 🙂 (Cough, cough!) 🙂

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