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Size 16 isn’t fat. Size zero isn’t feminine!

A while ago, I started to follow a Saudi actress in Snapchat then I noticed that most of her chat was about losing weight. She would try hard all kinds of diets and any new techniques to shed whatever amount of fat she has; detoxing, LPG, green tea, 3 daily hours in the gym, drinking excessive amount of water, pills…you name it. Her goal was to reach size zero. By the way, she’s size 8.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not writing this post to question whatever goals she has. I am rather writing it to highlight the reason why she ,as many other teenage girls, now think that size zero is a symbol of feminism? (side note: she’s 30 years old. She is not a teenager!) 

I have never heard of any man who is attracted to a woman just because she’s super skinny. There are always deeper reasons behind that spark.

Let’s face it, a big number of women when deciding to put efforts to look thinner, they do so for one of two reasons; either to attract men, or to make other women jealous. They never do that as an act of showing more love and respect to their to their bodies and health.

So now other women are jealous of your bones. Then what?

I’m not talking about women who have eating disorders and are skinny for health-related reasons. My target is those women who look at their bodies in the mirror every morning with disgust. They think they will love their bodies once they shed that extra weight from here or there. That’s a delusion. They will never do.

If you can not accept your body shape, you will always look for flaws to focus on. You will be obsessed with your own version of physical perfection. Therefore, you will constantly be looking for outside validation to reaffirm your lost confidence in your looks. 

Can such validation alter confidence that comes from within?

Unfortunately not. A broken self esteem will never be enough. Plus, not so many women can actually be happy for other women. If you lose weight and look fabulous, they will not tell you. They will however keep reminding you of how fat you “used to be” once. 


I’m not promoting for obesity or over weight. I just believe that if you want to make a difference in your life on whatever level, please do so because it’s “you” who want that difference. Let the desire stem from the inside. Do not listen to anybody when they try to control how you should feel about your body size or weight. 

You might believe that you are attractive while you’re size 16, while another woman might think that she’s fat while she’s size 10. Sizes do not matter. What matters is how you handle your sizes and reflect that into the world with grace. That’s the secret of being attractive. 


27 thoughts on “Size 16 isn’t fat. Size zero isn’t feminine!

      1. It’s OK. What I have done in a small amount of instances is write them all one day and leave them as drafts and do them later as I have had work, writing, other needed posts to go first. So, do what you can at least your name was seen by my viewers:)

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  1. I LOVE this post – and I really think you should submit your perspective and point of view as an article in a leading woman’s magazine. It’s truly shameful to think of how many women – and, sadly, I must include myself in this list – spend their entire lives at war with their bodies. I can go back as far as being around age 10 or 11 when I first started writing in my diary about needing to lose weight because I wasn’t skinny. And I think that finding a healthy weight – no matter what that is for any particular person – is completely impossible without self-acceptance. Even as an adult, I still struggle with this and still haven’t made peace with the fact that I’m never going to be skinny or even thin – it’s not even something that I really want but constantly FEEL like I SHOULD want this. Thank you for your wonderfully insightful writing, you’re such an inspiration 🙂

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    1. I started my day at your comment a few hrs ago & I felt so thrilled!
      I really enjoy being part of an inspirational awareness movement that help women be who they want to be…
      Positive vibes sent your way! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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  2. Well said Noor, I believe at some point of our lives we’ve been through this. The non-accepting phase. The torturing instead of nurturing. shutting down the voice of our bodies that tells us what it needs, instead of listening to it.
    To love is to take care, and taking care of our bodies is basically healthy food and challenging sports.

    Great Post ❤

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  3. Reblogged this on Iamfolajimi and commented:
    This was so inspiring to read and after a re-read, I had to re-blog.
    My opinion; As long as you’re living a healthy life style, nothing elso should matter.
    You could be healthy and in the process lose weight, that’s still fine. But your focus should not be on being skinny.
    Learn to embrace your body and be happy. 😊


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